July Promo Code and Updates

OMG!  The year is flying by.  Here we are already at July 5, 2011.  Today is my grandson Brandon’s 9th birthday, so first a little shoutout to Brandon Dubose.  Happy Birthday Brandon!  Mimi loves you!  Okay now that the big important stuff is taken care of, how would you like your July Promo Code?

The July Promo Code, in celebration of America’s Independence Day, is freedom2011.  Enter freedom2011 in the box on the Advertising page and click “Redeem Promo Code”.  Your free advertising will be awarded to you automatically.

Here is an update on our server move.  We have propagated to the new server.  The site appears to be working great.  The only issues we’re still working on is the delivery of the credit mails.  There were a large amount of emails backed up in the email queue, and those are being sent now as quickly as they can be.  Being on a new server means we have a new IP address. We have to be careful at the beginning so we don’t get a “bad reputation” for sending too much mail, too quickly.  It’s apparently a delicate balance to make everything work together properly.  Some of the mail delivery slowdown comes from your own email server.  If you read the “Major Announcement” in your members area, there was a notice not to use the credit mailer until this was all working absolutely correctly.  I would ask now that you still refrain just a bit so that the system can catch up with getting the earlier emails sent out.  Please.    The good news is… we’re getting there.  We really appreciate your patience.

Okay, back to work making sure everything is functioning properly.  Here’s that July Promo Code again…  “freedom2011″.  Enjoy!



New Feature Added to Ultimate Profit List

Good morning!  It’s early Wednesday morning in the good old HOT state of Texas.

I just wanted to let you know that I have added a new feature to Ultimate Profit List.

You can now send html solo ads instead of just plain text.

I tested it last night and it seems to be working like it’s supposed to; however, please
let me know if you have any issues.

Hopefully I will have a fix for the referral builder in the next few days also.  That issue
is driving me crazy!

Who Won the Solo Ad?

Who won the Solo Ad? If you’re asking “What solo ad?”, you haven’t been reading the Ultimate Profit List News and Updates Blog.

I recently posted a request for you, the members, to post comments to the incredibly interesting, temptingly titillating tidbits of UPL trivia that I write. And as an incentive to do so, I offered a free Solo Ad to the first person to leave a comment.

And the winner is….



Doug Forbes of TrafficDelivers!

See what paying attention will do for you?

A big thank you to Doug for his comment. #7 in conversions isn’t too bad, but I’m wanting to be #1, no matter what Gallup says.

Be sure to click on the links in the emails, solos, banner ads and text link ads. Let’s work on getting our conversions up.