Janet Legere Launches Prospect Geyser Traffic

She’s done it again!  Janet Legere is rocking it with the launch of her new Traffic Exchange, Prospect Geyser Traffic.  A sister site to Prospect Geyser which generates organic leads for your opportunities and Prospect Geyser Coop, a credit based safelist,  Prospect Geyser Traffic is the latest in the Janet Legere marketing arsenal.

If you have been around at all, you have probably seen Janet’s videos.  She is a great marketer.  Janet and her husband Don work together, and they have partnered with James Stone to program the Prospect Geyser business family.

Prospect Geyser is in the referral builder here at Ultimate Profit List.  After you login to UPL, go to Referral Builder in the Navigation Menu and join Prospect Geyser.  Then add your referral link.   Be watching for the addition of Prospect Geyser Coop and/or Prospect Geyser Traffic.

And one final thought, which has nothing to do with Prospect Geyser… remember to install our toolbar.  Just click the button there in the right sidebar.  After you’ve installed the toolbar, be sure to send a support ticket to get your 400 credits.


Janet Legere Launches New Safelist

Janet Legere

Congratulations to Janet Legere and her business partner, James Stone.  Janet and James own Prospect Geyser which is an advertising platform that generates free organic leads to your site.

And now…. Drumroll…

They have launched a sister site:  Prospect Geyser Coop If you are a member of Prospect Geyser (you can join via the link in the first paragraph), you will be upgraded to PRO membership in Prospect Geyser Coop.  Just be one of the first 500 to join to get the upgrade.  (Better hurry!  They are going fast!)

Yet another great way to advertise YOUR business and/or Ultimate Profit List!

And, OF COURSE, Janet is a valued member of Ultimate Profit List!