Cheaters BEWARE

It’s with great sadness that I announce there are cheaters who are stealing from you and from me. SHOCKER!

Most, maybe all, of us in the traffic industry have been affected either directly or indirectly. This includes list builders and traffic exchanges. There is someone who is creating bogus accounts on Ultimate Profit List and then sending email from those accounts. What happens is you click a link in an email and don’t get credit, thereby wasting your precious time and energy, wasting our resources and in general creating problems.

So, there have been some changes made to the site and unfortunately it’s you, the member, who is going to be most affected. As of this morning, I have removed the feature of any new free members receiving credits upon sign up. Instead, there is a promo code in the verification email. Hopefully, that will cut down on the cheaters ability to steal ads. Then, he will move on to some other place to do his nefarious underhanded cheating.

As another security measure, it is IMPERATIVE that you change your password from the default password to one of your own choosing. Please do this immediately. There is a distinct possibility that the default password will be changed and you will be unable to login unless you have your own password.

It’s really sad when one bad person or one person acting badly ruins things for everyone else. I guess that is human nature, but it sure is irritating.