How To Make Your Advertising More Effective

Today, I want to share a few tips on how to make your advertising more effective.  I hope that these tips will increase the effectiveness of the ads you’re sending out not only on Ultimate Profit List but other advertising resources as well.  Now, in no particular order…

  • Be sure to check and double check your ad. If you don’t enter the URL correctly, your site will not be seen.  So simple to do it right, and so costly to do it wrong.
  • If you are using your own domain, make sure that your registration has not expired.  It’s not very impressive when your visitors reach a “this domain has expired” page from your domain registrar.  Keep track of your domains’ renewal dates.  You are a business owner and that’s what business owners do.
  • When advertising with banners, preview them so you can ensure that the image pulls up correctly and that you’ve entered your destination URL correctly.
  • Personal branding. “All things being equal, people do business with people they know and like. All things not being equal, people STILL do business with people they know and like” – Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Being able to see a picture of you makes you real, and reachable.  While your dog is great, you can share pictures of him in a Facebook album or on your “About Me” page.  But when you’re advertising, you’re better off showing the real you.  The photo you use doesn’t have to be stiff or a studio portrait.  Just a nice photo of you, preferably a head shot, from the shoulders up.  And SMILE!
  • DUSAP - Don’t Use Standard Affiliate Pages!  This is a “technical” term, coined by Jon Olson.  Basically, it’s about branding yourself.  Don’t use the same company provided affiliate pages that every other affiliate uses.  Make your own, show your uniqueness.  There are a number of places to create your own pages.  I personally like AdKreator.  There are a number of other choices such as Instant Splash, TE Toolbox, and TrafficCoupons.
  • Follow the instructions on the site where you are advertising.  If the site says use 468×60 banners, don’t try to put in other sizes.  They won’t be approved and you’ve simply wasted your time.
  • Look at others’ ads for inspiration, ideas and even what NOT to do.  It’s not a good idea to blatantly copy another person’s ad.  But you can use something as a basis for creating your own unique ad.
  • Advertise consistently.  You want to be seen as often as possible.  That way, when someone is ready to take action, you’re the person they want to join.  They’ve seen your unique splash pages, they know your face and they want to work with you.

That’s all for today.  Now that you know more about how to advertise effectively, GO ADVERTISE!