Rick Katz, TrafficCoupons Owner, Launches New MLM

Rick Katz, owner of TrafficCoupons and AdTroopers, has just launched a new MLM.
Rick is a marketing genius who has built teams of thousands in various MLM and networking companies.  His popular AdTroopers Safelist is a great advertising resource, and his revamped TrafficCoupons site is blowing the doors off the industry.  Not only that, but Rick was instrumental in helping me understand the dynamics of marketing my e-book, Ultimate List Building Tips.  The guidance I received from Rick ensured that my ebook would be well-read, and not left to languish on the ebook shelf.


Paid4Zero is Rick’s newest creation.  There is no cost to join, in fact, you actually get $5 signup bonus.  Rick has added a small twist… in order to be qualified to earn, you must join the 5 programs he has featured in his site.  Oh, did I mention that Ultimate Profit List is one of the programs featured there??

Hurry on over and check out Paid4Zero.  Join the programs you need to, enter the member ID’s in all the appropriate places and you’re done!  You’ll get some great advertising PLUS begin earning thru the site.

Congrats to Rick Katz for his new site.  Rick Katz is a valued Ultimate Profit List member.