Joseph Riley Memorial

Joseph Riley, owner of, has passed away.  I only knew Joseph briefly from some messages we shared via email a couple of years ago.  Even though our contact was short, I knew at that time that this was a man with a huge heart and a passion to help others.  It is with great sadness for his passing and much hope that you will take some time to read this, that I present Joseph’s story.

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Joseph Riley Memorial - His Story 

If you can help even a little, let’s get Joseph back home to Australia. One way to help Joseph and Abra, and yourself, is to join Traffic Exchange.
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Or make a donation when you read the Joseph Riley Memorial.  While you are on that page, down in the lower left corner is a small “about us” link.  Clicking on that link will give you some additional information.

Here’s something to reflect on as well:  The Dash by Linda Ellis  

God Bless.