Ultimate Profit List Celebrates 3000+ Members

Hear that noise??  That sound you hear is Lisa and I jumping for joy, screaming with delight as Ultimate Profit List surpasses the 3000 member mark!

We are truly excited and want to thank everyone who is a member by offering a promo code.  The promo code is celebrate.  Simply enter that promo code on the Advertising Page and click the Redeem Promo Code Button.  The bonus will be added to your account automatically.

We have been online for just a few days over 6 months.  We have enjoyed every minute of it and it is our intent that Ultimate Profit List will be around to offer fantastic traffic for your kids’ kids’ marketing needs!

The referral builder will be back online shortly, some new programs will be in place and you’ll want to make sure your referral links are filled in.

Okay, that’s all for tonight.  Thank you again for being VERY VALUED Ultimate Profit List members.

We're SO Excited, We Just Can't Hide It!


How To Make Your Advertising More Effective

Today, I want to share a few tips on how to make your advertising more effective.  I hope that these tips will increase the effectiveness of the ads you’re sending out not only on Ultimate Profit List but other advertising resources as well.  Now, in no particular order…

  • Be sure to check and double check your ad. If you don’t enter the URL correctly, your site will not be seen.  So simple to do it right, and so costly to do it wrong.
  • If you are using your own domain, make sure that your registration has not expired.  It’s not very impressive when your visitors reach a “this domain has expired” page from your domain registrar.  Keep track of your domains’ renewal dates.  You are a business owner and that’s what business owners do.
  • When advertising with banners, preview them so you can ensure that the image pulls up correctly and that you’ve entered your destination URL correctly.
  • Personal branding. “All things being equal, people do business with people they know and like. All things not being equal, people STILL do business with people they know and like” – Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Being able to see a picture of you makes you real, and reachable.  While your dog is great, you can share pictures of him in a Facebook album or on your “About Me” page.  But when you’re advertising, you’re better off showing the real you.  The photo you use doesn’t have to be stiff or a studio portrait.  Just a nice photo of you, preferably a head shot, from the shoulders up.  And SMILE!
  • DUSAP - Don’t Use Standard Affiliate Pages!  This is a “technical” term, coined by Jon Olson.  Basically, it’s about branding yourself.  Don’t use the same company provided affiliate pages that every other affiliate uses.  Make your own, show your uniqueness.  There are a number of places to create your own pages.  I personally like AdKreator.  There are a number of other choices such as Instant Splash, TE Toolbox, and TrafficCoupons.
  • Follow the instructions on the site where you are advertising.  If the site says use 468×60 banners, don’t try to put in other sizes.  They won’t be approved and you’ve simply wasted your time.
  • Look at others’ ads for inspiration, ideas and even what NOT to do.  It’s not a good idea to blatantly copy another person’s ad.  But you can use something as a basis for creating your own unique ad.
  • Advertise consistently.  You want to be seen as often as possible.  That way, when someone is ready to take action, you’re the person they want to join.  They’ve seen your unique splash pages, they know your face and they want to work with you.

That’s all for today.  Now that you know more about how to advertise effectively, GO ADVERTISE!


July Promo Code and Updates

OMG!  The year is flying by.  Here we are already at July 5, 2011.  Today is my grandson Brandon’s 9th birthday, so first a little shoutout to Brandon Dubose.  Happy Birthday Brandon!  Mimi loves you!  Okay now that the big important stuff is taken care of, how would you like your July Promo Code?

The July Promo Code, in celebration of America’s Independence Day, is freedom2011.  Enter freedom2011 in the box on the Advertising page and click “Redeem Promo Code”.  Your free advertising will be awarded to you automatically.

Here is an update on our server move.  We have propagated to the new server.  The site appears to be working great.  The only issues we’re still working on is the delivery of the credit mails.  There were a large amount of emails backed up in the email queue, and those are being sent now as quickly as they can be.  Being on a new server means we have a new IP address. We have to be careful at the beginning so we don’t get a “bad reputation” for sending too much mail, too quickly.  It’s apparently a delicate balance to make everything work together properly.  Some of the mail delivery slowdown comes from your own email server.  If you read the “Major Announcement” in your members area, there was a notice not to use the credit mailer until this was all working absolutely correctly.  I would ask now that you still refrain just a bit so that the system can catch up with getting the earlier emails sent out.  Please.    The good news is… we’re getting there.  We really appreciate your patience.

Okay, back to work making sure everything is functioning properly.  Here’s that July Promo Code again…  “freedom2011″.  Enjoy!



Getting Back To Normal

I hate moving days.  Murphy’s Law almost always comes into play.  Of course, the reason things go wrong generally has to do with something I’ve done.  So, I will accept the blame and/or responsibility for any glitches.

But, it’s all good, or at least it’s getting back to normal.

Hopefully the mailer is or will soon be fully functional and you’ll be able to send your solo ads and credit mailers without any issues.  If you sent solo ads on June 30 or July 1 and received no clicks, that probably means your email did not go out.  Send a support ticket from the site and I’ll give you a solo to replace it.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We have a bunch of new members.  They may just be looking for exactly what you have to offer!

Quick request… be sure to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and on the right side of this page, follow our Networked Blogs by clicking the “Follow This Blog” button.

Anyway, just to emphasize, we are getting back to normal and just as soon as I am sure the mailers are working, I’ll remove the “Major Announcement” text on your member page.

Be watching for it!  (actually be watching for it NOT to be there!)

Happy 4th of July weekend to my fellow Americans!