Are You Trustworthy?

Are you trustworthy?

Recently, a line has been drawn in the Internet Marketing “sand”. It’s pretty clear that this line divides the ethical marketers from the scammers. You know, those snakes with all the hyped-up “auto pilot one click instant traffic be a millionaire by sundown” crap. The industry has had it, and many marketers have been very vocal about this recently. Maybe the scammers have simply pushed the envelope too far.

For years, we’ve seen digital “product launches”.  We’ve all become accustomed to them: a few pre-launch videos, maybe a free giveaway and then the big “reveal.” In many cases, it’s very useful stuff.  At the very least, its educational and entertaining. But lately, there has been quite a few “launches” that spewed outright lies. We’ve seen outrageous claims, fictitious product creators portrayed by paid actors, fabricated and doctored images presented as income proof for a product that can’t do what it claims or might not even exist.  Is that what we really want in the Internet Marketing community?

Marketers and consumers from every niche have been speaking out more and more against the snakes and scammers. The top industry forums are full of threads about these crappy products and the snakes that make them. Bloggers have gone crazy putting these guys on blast and Facebook has been buzzing for months about it. There are hundreds of YouTube videos where marketers and consumers of digital info products and software are speaking their minds. The final straw has landed on the camel’s back.

The public outcry was heard loud and clear by a select group of ethical marketers who have banded together to create the first website to unify the good guys and hold marketers accountable for their actions. The website is called and it has several purposes for both internet marketers and consumers of digital products. The members have all agreed to abide by the IMTrustWorthy “Prudent Practices” of Internet marketing. This is a list of 12 rules that help protect consumers from fraud and hold the marketer to a high standard of commerce.

First off, IMTrustWorthy provides a “seal” image with your unique license number digitally imprinted. The seal code can be placed on your website for the world to see that you are a registered member of IMTrustWorthy. When a visitor clicks on the seal a window pops open with the marketers name, and rating. The window may also contain comments from other IMTrustWorthy members regarding the character and trustworthiness of the marketer in question.

A member’s rating is determined by an algorithm that takes the positive and negative feedback left on their site into high consideration. This is a lot like the feedback rating in eBay except here the feedback is demonstrated by 5 stars and the comments are displayed on the marketers profile page. This is so that a potential customer or JV can look at what other members are saying rather than just having to take the endorsement of the company that sold the seal. In other words, you can’t just “buy” your trustworthiness.

That being said, there is also a “Premier” membership available for $17 per month. The premier members have some additional features inside the members area, they get a multi-site license which enables them to use the seal on as many sites as they own. Also, they get access to a “Seal Generator”, this is a software that lets you create seals in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Premier members also get to load a banner and link for their site which rotates in the website and can potentially bring consumers back to their offer. Over all this is a pretty good value for only $17 when you consider the prices that those “other” seal companies out there charge.

One of the things that you’ll like the most about IMTrustWorthy is the social aspect and the ability to meet other GOOD guys. The website has a “JV WALL”. is basically a communication page where you can comment on the threads and connect with other marketers. There is also an internal messaging system. It’s no Facebook, (then again who needs another Facebook?) but it is well suited to help marketers create joint venture partnerships and affiliations with other IMTrustWorthy members.  It makes me proud to see the other marketers whom I already trusted joining with me on IMTrustWorthy.

I think it’s about time that we band together and separate ourselves from the snakes and the scammers. All in all, this website is a WIN for the good guys. Sure, there will be scammers that try to brandish the IMTrustWorthy seal, but the other members will quickly make that known in the comments and their rating will drop. IMTrustWorthy doesn’t actually rate the marketers, the members do. If you ask me, that’s a pretty fair shake and only the scammers need  be afraid. I suggest you create a free account and check it out for yourself.

IMTrustWorthy Are you?

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Who Won the Solo Ad?

Who won the Solo Ad? If you’re asking “What solo ad?”, you haven’t been reading the Ultimate Profit List News and Updates Blog.

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Doug Forbes of TrafficDelivers!

See what paying attention will do for you?

A big thank you to Doug for his comment. #7 in conversions isn’t too bad, but I’m wanting to be #1, no matter what Gallup says.

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