What The Heck Is Durfing?

By now, you’re probably familiar with the newest “craze”… durfing! In case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t heard about this latest traffic exchange hot topic, here is a “daffy-nition”

    Show Spelled[dur-fing]
the act or sport of dancing while viewing business opportunities on traffic exchanges.

Check out this video that John Guanzon made: Surf Party. It’s hilarious! If you aren’t a member of John’s TE, ThumbVu, here’s a link to join: ThumbVu

Jared Silver Makes The Grade

Jared Silver

Jared Silver, known as The Teenage Internet Marketer, has something to crow about!  He’s been inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.


If you don’t know Jared, you’re really missing something.  He’s an amazing young man.  I don’t know him as well as many of the TE owners and other Internet marketing people do, but I know I want to get to know him better!

Darren Olander and Jared recently launched Viral Bonuses.  You definitely need to join this one!

Jared is a valued member of Ultimate Profit List.

Janet Legere Launches New Safelist

Janet Legere

Congratulations to Janet Legere and her business partner, James Stone.  Janet and James own Prospect Geyser which is an advertising platform that generates free organic leads to your site.

And now…. Drumroll…

They have launched a sister site:  Prospect Geyser Coop If you are a member of Prospect Geyser (you can join via the link in the first paragraph), you will be upgraded to PRO membership in Prospect Geyser Coop.  Just be one of the first 500 to join to get the upgrade.  (Better hurry!  They are going fast!)

Yet another great way to advertise YOUR business and/or Ultimate Profit List!

And, OF COURSE, Janet is a valued member of Ultimate Profit List!