Ultimate Profit List Member Updates

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that Ultimate Profit List has GROWN!  We’re currently (as of this moment) at just over 1780 members and we couldn’t be happier!  What does this mean for you?  Well, it means we’ve got new eyes for your ads!  And more ads for your eyes!  My advice to you is to get your ads out right away.  What you have to offer might just be what someone else has been waiting for!

Membership has grown tremendously recently thanks to everyone who has promoted us.  And also a special thanks to Rick Katz and Paid4Zero.  You can read about this program at Rick Katz, TrafficCoupons Owner,Launches New MLM.  If you haven’t checked on Paid4Zero, you might just want to take a look.  It really doesn’t cost anything.  Weird, huh?

Next thing I want to mention is the new Deluxe monthly subscription that we are now offering.  This is a really sweet deal.  If you are not already upgraded, you’ll see it when you log in.  The page has a big red stop sign on it.  So, pay attention and read that page.  It’s really worth your time! A big thank you to the members who’ve already jumped on this.

If you’re looking for a one time payment upgrade, you can find one by going to the Special Offer.  You must access it like this:  http://ultimateprofitlist.com/specialoffer.php?id=PUTYOURMEMBERIDHERE.  Simply change that red text to your personal UltimateProfitList member ID, then copy and paste the link into your browser.  That upgrade is for a LIFETIME ELITE at a special price.  It is a LIMITED OFFER.  (I’m not kidding)

It is highly recommend that you grab our Ultimate Profit List toolbar.   Look on the sidebar here on the blog for easy access to the Install.  Then send me a support ticket to get 400 credits added to your account.  Please note that the toolbar allows you to get access to your social sites, search the web using a Google powered search tool, get the RSS feed for the blog, access your Gmail account, use the QuickLinks for access to various resources like TEToolbox, AdKreator and more, plus log in to Ultimate Profit List with a simple click.  Not only that, but it’s a great looking toolbar!  So, grab your toolbar today and send me a support ticket to get your 400 credits.  (ThumbVu only offers 100 credits for installing their toolbar)

There are some members who are still submitting banners that are the wrong size.  Remember, we only accept 468×60 banners (that’s the standard long rectangular banner).  Like this one: 

Watch the Video Tutorials located in your Navigation Menu.  Make sure you do it right, that will save us both time and money.

Remember to check this blog for promo codes.  I also post promo codes on Facebook and Twitter (you can access those from the Ultimate Profit List toolbar).

Last bit for today…  Just want to remind you to promote Ultimate Profit List every chance you get.  Not only are you able to earn instant commissions, but by increasing our presence online, your advertising gets better and better.  You’ll benefit from the increased exposure to your ads, plus you can build your list and income as you go.  And isn’t that the whole idea??

Until next time…