Joseph Riley Memorial

Joseph Riley, owner of, has passed away.  I only knew Joseph briefly from some messages we shared via email a couple of years ago.  Even though our contact was short, I knew at that time that this was a man with a huge heart and a passion to help others.  It is with great sadness for his passing and much hope that you will take some time to read this, that I present Joseph’s story.

Please click on the title below to read Joseph’s story
Joseph Riley Memorial - His Story 

If you can help even a little, let’s get Joseph back home to Australia. One way to help Joseph and Abra, and yourself, is to join Traffic Exchange.
You can join simply by clicking on the blue highlighted name in the first paragraph.

Or make a donation when you read the Joseph Riley Memorial.  While you are on that page, down in the lower left corner is a small “about us” link.  Clicking on that link will give you some additional information.

Here’s something to reflect on as well:  The Dash by Linda Ellis  

God Bless.





Here’s the Naked Truth

Jared Silver, the boy wonder of the Internet Marketing industry, is
doing what ordinary teen-age boys do.  He’s celebrating his
birthday.  Here’s the naked truth about the “birthday suit”

He’s NOT NAKED.  Shocker, right??

What he is doing is giving YOU all the gifts!  That might
be a bit of a shocker.  We all know how self-centered
teenagers can be.

Of course, Jared is no ordinary teenager.  So, he doesn’t
do ordinary things.  He’s put together a SUPREME package
of free advertising, upgrades, specials and even some
mystery gifts from some of the best known, well-respected
resources in the industry.  All to celebrate his birthday!

Not only that, but it’s for a worthy cause as well.  Joseph
Riley, owner of Forever Concepts, has fallen ill and is here
in the US, struggling to get himself and his wife back home.
So, by accepting these gifts, you’ll be helping the Riley’s, too.

Get Your Gifts!


Ultimate Profit List Celebrates 3000+ Members

Hear that noise??  That sound you hear is Lisa and I jumping for joy, screaming with delight as Ultimate Profit List surpasses the 3000 member mark!

We are truly excited and want to thank everyone who is a member by offering a promo code.  The promo code is celebrate.  Simply enter that promo code on the Advertising Page and click the Redeem Promo Code Button.  The bonus will be added to your account automatically.

We have been online for just a few days over 6 months.  We have enjoyed every minute of it and it is our intent that Ultimate Profit List will be around to offer fantastic traffic for your kids’ kids’ marketing needs!

The referral builder will be back online shortly, some new programs will be in place and you’ll want to make sure your referral links are filled in.

Okay, that’s all for tonight.  Thank you again for being VERY VALUED Ultimate Profit List members.

We're SO Excited, We Just Can't Hide It!


Yesterday’s News is SO…

Yesterday’s news!

I posted that we were at 1780 members.  We’ve now surpassed 2000.  YAY!!

That, folks, is 2000 sets of fresh eyes on YOUR ADS!

And I’m approving lots of ads!
What a glorious and happy chore that is!

We’re growing and we’re improving all the time.

If you like Ultimate Profit List, I’d welcome any comments here on the
blog.  You do have to register to post a comment but that’s a painless
one-time operation. Just click the link where it says “Leave A Comment”.

From there it will say that you’re logged in OR it will say you have to log in.
When you click login, you’ll be taken to a WordPress login page.
If you are already registered for this blog, simply login. Otherwise, register first,
by clicking the little “Register” link below the login box.  Once you’ve registered,
then login and leave your comment.

We’ve had a great influx of new members brought in by Rick Katz and by being
included in Darren Olander/Jared Silver’s Viral Bonuses.  I sure hope you picked
up your bonuses there at Viral Bonuses.

With this many new members, I expect to see a lot more “likes” at our Facebook
page.  If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to “like” us.  And I wanted to
mention that I would love to have your photo in our members album there.  I
mistakenly thought you could just add it to the album if you were a member, but
that is not correct.  So, if you’d like some extra exposure/branding, please send
me a .jpg photo of yourself to be included in that album.  I prefer something
around 125×125 or 150×150 (in other words something I don’t have to do a lot
of editing).  I’ll add it to the album.  Simply send that photo to me via a support
ticket and make sure I have the correct spelling of your name as you want to be
branded.  Here’s the Facebook page.

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OKAY!  That’s all the news that is the news!  Until next time, keep on keeping on!