Joseph Riley Memorial

Joseph Riley, owner of, has passed away.  I only knew Joseph briefly from some messages we shared via email a couple of years ago.  Even though our contact was short, I knew at that time that this was a man with a huge heart and a passion to help others.  It is with great sadness for his passing and much hope that you will take some time to read this, that I present Joseph’s story.

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Joseph Riley Memorial - His Story 

If you can help even a little, let’s get Joseph back home to Australia. One way to help Joseph and Abra, and yourself, is to join Traffic Exchange.
You can join simply by clicking on the blue highlighted name in the first paragraph.

Or make a donation when you read the Joseph Riley Memorial.  While you are on that page, down in the lower left corner is a small “about us” link.  Clicking on that link will give you some additional information.

Here’s something to reflect on as well:  The Dash by Linda Ellis  

God Bless.





Here’s the Naked Truth

Jared Silver, the boy wonder of the Internet Marketing industry, is
doing what ordinary teen-age boys do.  He’s celebrating his
birthday.  Here’s the naked truth about the “birthday suit”

He’s NOT NAKED.  Shocker, right??

What he is doing is giving YOU all the gifts!  That might
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Of course, Jared is no ordinary teenager.  So, he doesn’t
do ordinary things.  He’s put together a SUPREME package
of free advertising, upgrades, specials and even some
mystery gifts from some of the best known, well-respected
resources in the industry.  All to celebrate his birthday!

Not only that, but it’s for a worthy cause as well.  Joseph
Riley, owner of Forever Concepts, has fallen ill and is here
in the US, struggling to get himself and his wife back home.
So, by accepting these gifts, you’ll be helping the Riley’s, too.

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Ultimate Profit List Ranked #1 at TrafficHoopla

TrafficHoopla just rolled out the September 16 rankings naming Ultimate Profit List as #1
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September 16, 2011

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This is so exciting!  We’ve been on TrafficHoopla’s 3rd Join List (Top 10 Safelists/ListBuilders) for 4 weeks.  The past 3 of those we’ve been at the
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Our membership is growing; we currently have 3786 members.  We get
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Lisa and I are incredibly thankful to have such responsive members because we
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