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Nina Nestoroff

I’m Nina Nestoroff.  I was born in Texas and except for a few short months in the 70’s, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life.

I’ve been working for myself for about 25 years.  As a Realtor for 15 years, I was awarded Realtor of the Year in 1996 in the county where I live.  After that, I owned and operated a personal services company for 4 1/2 years.  We provided all kinds of services including transportation, courier and delivery services, shopping services, pet sitting, house sitting, handyman services and respite care.

My first real estate sales manager introduced me to MLM with Herbalife.  I loved the whole concept of residual income and getting paid for teamwork.  Since that first introduction, I’ve been in a number of MLM companies, and had moderate success.  But it was hard to duplicate and I soon found myself in the NFL club…No Friends or Family Left.  The Internet changed a lot in the way that MLM and networking companies were marketed, and there has been a proliferation of companies come and go over the years.

After feeling overwhelmed and burned out in MLM, I started looking for ways to earn an income online.  (I hate having a J.O.B.)  I discovered that there were more scams, schemes, and just downright illegal opportunities than I could shake a stick at.  What’s a girl to do??  Well, I kept learning and researching.  Finally it dawned on me that what I’d heard…. BUILD YOUR OWN LIST…was the most important thing in the Internet business world.

With your own list, you have control.  You can promote whatever you want to your own list.  So, trust me on this…. build your list.  It is absolutely the most important thing for you to do.  I know I’m being redundant, but it really is that important.

I’m just a Texas gal.  I’m blessed in everything I do.  Even things that seem NOT to be a blessing provide me with an opportunity to grow and learn.  I consider it a privilege to work with Lisa and all of you here at Ultimate Profit List.

Lisa McCormick

Hi, I’m Lisa McCormick.  I am a “misplaced Michigander”, living in Texas now.  I was born in Michigan and spent my growing up years in the Grosse Pointe North area.  I played tennis in competitions throughout the area, and my entrepreneurial spirit shone through at an early age.

After high school, I attended college and graduate school where I received my Masters degree.  My compassion and desire to help others led me to choose a career in mental health therapy.  After many difficult years trying to work through the “system”, I became burned out and left my chosen profession.

I discovered the MLM/Internet marketing industry.  As my skills and knowledge grew, I realized that my passion is helping others achieve success.  I’ve been able to help many people online and off.  My full commitment now is to growing Ultimate Profit List.  My #1 focus is getting new members to our site for existing members to share their opportunity.

Lisa & Nina

Nina and Lisa met while they were working at the same MLM company.  They conducted webinars for their team and they both did presentation calls for the company.  In 2008, Nina traveled (in February, no less!) to Michigan to meet Lisa in person.  After that first meeting, Nina and Lisa realized that their working styles really clicked well and they formed a partnership.

Lisa moved from Michigan to Texas and they’ve been working together since then.  In January, Ultimate Profit List was launched.

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