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Thanks for being a member of Ultimate Profit List. We appreciate your membership and look forward to providing increased benefits as the years go by.

One of the ways that we will grow is to increase our visibility online. This can be done in a number of ways. Be sure to advertise Ultimate Profit List at other list builders, traffic exchanges and text ad exchanges. Remember, the bigger we get, the more eyes will be seeing your offer.

Another way of helping us and yourself, as well, is to vote for us on SafelistRankings. A vote of 10 is BEST! Included on every page, including the sales page, is a place to cast your vote. You can do this every 24 hours. Also, I mentioned this before, but if you can just write a short review, at Alexa, that will help us tremendously. Simply click here: Alexa or click on the 125×125 banner that’s located at the bottom of every page and you’ll be taken to the proper place to leave that review. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the benefit is huge! And last but certainly not least…click the “Hoopla Rankings” banner (shown here: Sign up for TrafficHoopla to login to your TrafficHoopla account or to join. It’s free to join and provides marketers with independent rankings on the best performing traffic exchanges and safelists. The higher we rank at Hoopla, the more people will be viewing your ads. So, don’t just do it for UPL, do it for YOU!

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2 thoughts on “Leave Comments

  1. Say- am I the first to comment? What shall I post my Solo ad about?

    Perhaps the false statement tabout TrafficHoopla “independent rankings on the best performing traffic exchanges”

    I do not blame you for the statement, it is a common misconception. In fact, Independent testing is almost impossible to find- anything that includes a also leaves room for incentives is more a personality contest more then a ranking system.

    For example- UPL is not even in the Top Ten ;despite your smaller membership is Number 7 in the only thing that counts-conversions.

    The Present Top Ten list? -Only 2 of them even rate in the top 50 rated Traffic Exchanges

    Traffic Exchanges- Only 1 of the REAL Top 10 is listed

    In all cases it is money and name that destroys the reality of such lists.

    The REAL Top 5 Traffic Exchanges are these 6 - 5 and 6 were tied within .001%
    note-I leave this is for information,not advertising purposes- I do not use refurls


    Aren’t you glad you asked me to comment

  2. #7, well that ain’t half bad!

    Doug, thanks for your comment. You are the lucky winner of a free solo.

    I know that in tracking our numbers and the numbers of the various exchanges we use, it’s quite interesting to see what the numbers REALLY say. There’s a really large variance in the rankings and what we actually see.

    Thanks for your comment and your valued membership here at UPL.

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