Getting Back To Normal

I hate moving days.  Murphy’s Law almost always comes into play.  Of course, the reason things go wrong generally has to do with something I’ve done.  So, I will accept the blame and/or responsibility for any glitches.

But, it’s all good, or at least it’s getting back to normal.

Hopefully the mailer is or will soon be fully functional and you’ll be able to send your solo ads and credit mailers without any issues.  If you sent solo ads on June 30 or July 1 and received no clicks, that probably means your email did not go out.  Send a support ticket from the site and I’ll give you a solo to replace it.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We have a bunch of new members.  They may just be looking for exactly what you have to offer!

Quick request… be sure to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and on the right side of this page, follow our Networked Blogs by clicking the “Follow This Blog” button.

Anyway, just to emphasize, we are getting back to normal and just as soon as I am sure the mailers are working, I’ll remove the “Major Announcement” text on your member page.

Be watching for it!  (actually be watching for it NOT to be there!)

Happy 4th of July weekend to my fellow Americans!

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