Changes to UPL

Have you noticed the new tabs in the Navigation Menu? If not, then you might have missed the Video Tutorials button there.

Yes, I’ve added some Video Tutorials to help you not only learn the best way to do things here at Ultimate Profit List, but also to help you at other sites as well. Many of the videos are simply instructional videos that can teach you basic online skills. So be sure to check them out. There will be updates and additions there as we build Ultimate Profit List.

FULL PAGE LOGIN ADS have been added to the lineup! Not only do you earn extra credits by viewing the ads, you can also purchase them on your Advertising page. What a great way to promote your site!

ALEXA rankings We are trying hard to build our rankings there. We appear to be improving daily. We would certainly appreciate your help. How? Like this…Please click the 125×125 Alexa button at the bottom of the page and write a review of Ultimate Profit List. It really helps!

Safelist Rankings Be sure to click on the drop down menu for Safelist Rankings, at the bottom of the page, and VOTE Ultimate Profit List a 10-Best. You can vote every 24 hours.

WIN-WIN As we grow and build our rankings, the more people will join. The more who join means you have more eyes on your ads. And isn’t that why you’re here? So, help us and it will help you too.

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