Housekeeping 101

As our membership is growing at a rapid pace, it seems time to point out a few housekeeping rules and regulations.  Sometimes in the excitement of signing up for a new advertising resource or even a new money-making program, it is easy to skim through, or even overlook, the policies that are put in place.  Rest assured that admins don’t put a bunch of rules in place to thwart your efforts, but they are in place to ensure that everyone plays nice, and so the neighborhood retains its value.

All that being said, here are a few things I want to point out…

  1. Only one account per person.  If I find multiple accounts, I have the right to delete them all, even if they are paid.  There is plenty of advertising available to you with only one account.
  2. Add your PayPal address so that when you are eligible for a payment, you’ll actually be paid.
  3. Change the default password to one of your own choosing.  The default password is upl6651 (please note:  letters u p l and numbers 6 6 5 1.  Some members have confused the l and the 1 and been unable to log in.)  Once you get logged in, change that right away.
  4. Your ads should have no more than one exit pop-up.  Trust me when I tell you that NO ONE is impressed by having to click multiple times to close out an ad.  You’re just shooting yourself in the foot, and if I catch them, I will delete them.
  5. Gmail, gmail, gmail.  I even offer bonus credits for using gmail.  Yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc. are not marketing friendly and are not welcome at most safelists, listbuilders and definitely not welcome at Ultimate Profit List.  Gmail accounts are free.  They’re not perfect, but will work better for you if you market online.  Go here to get a free account:  GMAIL
  6. Install the Ultimate Profit List toolbar It’s really cool.  I’ve added a drop down menu of quick links that will take you to sites like TrafficWave, AdKreator, IBOToolbox, ClickTrackProfit, Internet Marketing Tips & Tools, and several others.  You can access Twitter, Facebook & gmail from the toolbar.  There’s a Google powered search, plus you can log in to Ultimate Profit List directly from the toolbar.  AND you get 400 credits for installing it.  Just look on the right side of this page, near the top and install right from here.  You’re going to love it!
  7. Be sure to keep up with what’s happening here at UPL by reading this blog.  I don’t have any set schedule for when I post things, sometimes it’s when something important needs to be announced about UPL, or when a fellow member has a new site launching, general information, something funny, or when I screw something up.  Bottom line is you need to be kept up to date and that’s why I write and it should be why you read!  So, please do.

Okay, I think that is enough for now.  Just one final thing…. Thanks for joining Ultimate Profit List.  We are SO happy that you’re here!

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