Hi guys, Nina Nestoroff and Lisa McCormick here coming to you from Austin, Texas.

You know us from our own programs like Ultimate Profit List and Ultimate List Building Tips.

We've just partnered up with our long-time marketing pal, Rick Katz. You probably know him or know his programs..AdTroopers, EasySimpleMoneyMaker, SafelistAnnihilation, and others.

Rick has some propriatary lead generation tools that have helped him quietly pull down almost a thousand dollars a week on average for the last 7 months with this new (kind of underground) company, PART time.

We hung out with Rick on Google Hangouts this afternoon and thought you would be interested in what we talked about.

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You can call Nina at 512-287-9391 or Skype: magnolia4851

We gotta tell you, it's really exciting. 2013 is going to be a BLAST and we'd love to have you come along with us!

Nina & Lisa