System Mailer and Solo Ads ACTIVATED!

Congratulations to each and every one of US!!

We now have OVER 500 VERIFIED members. The system mailer and solo ads have been activated!

Things seem to be going pretty well, thanks to the support of all of you. Lisa and I can’t totally express the gratitude we feel for the tips, the support, the advertising…. everything you’ve done to get Ultimate Profit List off to a great start.

The race is not over yet though! The contest ends when we reach 1000 verified members. We’re over the hump, headed to the finish line but still a ways to go. So, we’ll keep promoting and hope you will remember to do the same. We know that you have your own sites to promote as well.

If you were invited to be a JV Partner or asked to be included, please be sure that you have read all the updates and are doing your part to grow Ultimate Profit List. As we continue to grow, and as we continue to expand our virtual real estate, your support and friendship will be rewarded in spades. We’ll scratch each others backs. We know, as Zig has oft been quoted….we can have everything we want in life if we just help enough other people get what they want. Basically, it’s a matter of living by the Golden Rule.

Just because they sound like cliches, doesn’t mean they aren’t applicable! Seriously, thank you! Now let’s go to work!

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