New Update on Referral Contest

Good morning JV Ultimate members!

I’ve been so busy with things that I’ve been a bit remiss at keeping you updated here. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Since this is Lisa’s and my first launch, we feel like things have been going pretty well. The site is growing, although sign-ups have slowed somewhat. I think that is pretty normal. There are many of you who have really ROCKED this. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Here’s a screen shot of the referral contest page and member count from today.

Congrats to all who are on the top of the leader board and those who are striving to reach the top. The contest ends when we have 1000 verified members. So, there’s still plenty of time for this board to change. (Although Sherri Kirklin came on strong at the beginning and has not let go of her lead for a second.) I guess the word here is that all of you who are program owners should really look at Sherri with awe! She is amazing. (She’s a Texas gal, ya know!)

Alrighty then… let’s all go promote, promote, promote!!!

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