JV Partner Invite

Hi Marketers,

Nina Nestoroff & Lisa McCormick here…

We are members of many traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges and safelists.  We
KNOW that success online is incumbent on having a responsive list.  As a result, we have
decided to launch a viral list builder.  Yes, we know there are a lot of them already in place.
But given that everyone needs to advertise, and everyone needs to build their list, it seems
to make sense.  As such, we’d love to have you on board as a JV partner.

LAUNCH DATE is January 11, 11:11am CST!

As you may know,  I (Nina) wrote an ebook on building a list and launched a membership
site, http://ultimatelistbuildingtips.com in July 2010.  Ultimate List Building Tips is a free ebook with the opportunity to purchase the rebranding rights.  Lisa and I have been working together for several years and look forward to continuing our online successes.

Now, a JV Partnership for Ultimate Profit List…What’s In It For You?

A Lifetime Business Partner!
Should you choose to JV with us,  we’ll love you forever…
and we’ll even put a lot of business your way too. You scratch our backs, we scratch yours.  It will be mutually beneficial.

Free Upgrade to JV Ultimate. (same as Ultimate membership without receiving member emails)
Your site in rotation in “Recommended Site of the Day”.
Instant Commissions (100% on every other upgrade; available to every member)

You can view the sales copy here:   Sales Copy
OTO can be viewed here:   OTO

Ultimate Profit List Launch Referral Contest
runs from January 11, 11:11 a.m. CST until we reach 1,000 verified members.

If you accept our JV invitation here is what we expect from you:

One email at launch time, or as close as possible. This really should be a solo email.
One or two follow up emails during the contest, preferably solo’s but your call. The more you follow up, the more chance you stand of winning a prize.

Your free upgrade is good for life and will stay that way, dependent upon the level of support you provide at launch.  Those JV partners who do not get at least 15 referrals during the launch period will be downgraded to the Deluxe membership level.

We really hate to mention this, but it is necessary.  Sometimes a JV partner will try to beat the clock and release their referral url prior to Launch Time.  Anyone launching prior to January 11, 11:11 am CST will have their account deleted with forfeiture of any prizes earned.

We hope you’d like to JV with us on this launch.  And please feel free to contact us any time
you wish regarding joint promotions to build our businesses together.  We’re really looking forward to working together to our mutual benefit in the future.

Here is your signup link, please ignore the upgrade offers.


Do not take any of the OTO’s you will see after signup.  If you notice anything that needs
fixing, please let us know through the support ticket system. We are still working a bit on the site.  If you have any questions at all, or any difficulties please just let us know.

Contact us in Skype: magnolia4851 (Nina) or lisa.marie40 (Lisa)

Looking forward to some powerful earnings!

Lisa McCormick & Nina Nestoroff

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