Here’s a Swipe File

Time is getting short and launch day is rushing toward us!
Remember, no promotion until we launch (1/11/11 at 1:11pm CST)

BUT… be sure to set your account up, add your advertising, add your
gifts (you’re allowed to add 3 gifts as JV Partners) and be ready to promote!

I’ve put together an email that you can use to invite your list to join you.

Here it is, just copy and paste it to your mailer, add your user ID and send it to your list.



Just a quick note to give you a heads-up about a brand new
Viral List Builder that just launched. I’d like to have you on my team!

>>>>>> <<<<<<

This is the first viral list builder owned by Lisa McCormick and
Nina Nestoroff, but they know that to succeed online, you must build
your list and you must have good solid advertising resources.
Nina wrote the ebook Ultimate List Building Tips and she and Lisa
have worked hard to learn the ins and outs of list building and marketing.

Join today! Use promo code "newmember” to grab some extra free advertising.
Be sure to pay attention to the OTO’s they offer. You’ll earn 100% instant
commissions on every other upgraded referral.

Go ahead… join now!

>>>>>> <<<<<<

To a successful 2011,


Please, please... if you see anything that needs correcting or anything not working properly, send a support ticket through the site.

IMPORTANT!!! Subscribe to these updates by putting your contact info in the form above. IMPORTANT!!!

Thanks for being partners with us in this endeavor. Your support means the world to us!

Nina & Lisa

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