And The Winners Are…

Congratulations to our Referral Contest Winners!

We surpassed the 1000 member mark this weekend and I’m proud to show you the results:

1st Place: $175 Kenneth Kraakstad

2nd Place: $150 Lars Mikuta

3rd Place: $100 Sherri Kirklin

4th Place: $50 Tony Tezak

5th Place: $25 Jerry Iannucci

Refer Member #111: Win 1 Login Ad + 1 Solo Ads
#111 Angel Valenciano referred by Jerry Iannucci

Refer Member #222: Win 2 Login Ad + 2 Solo Ads
#222 Terry Phong referred by Lisa McCormick

Refer Member #333: Win 3 Login Ad + 3 Solo Ads
#333 Chris Caras referred by Tony Tezak

Refer Member #444: Win 4 Login Ad + 4 Solo Ads
#444 Mark Kirklin referred by Sherri Kirklin

Refer Member #555: Win 5 Login Ad + 5 Solo Ads
#555 Anne Rohtung referred by Admin

I awarded the solos and login ads to Jerry Iannucci and also to his referral Angel Valenciano
earlier in the contest and did the same for Lisa and Terry Phong.
Lisa wasn’t supposed to be included in the contest (and wasn’t for the money part) but I
goofed and gave her the ads before I thought about it.
I will be awarding the other ads winners later today. The referral contest was to be for the
people who were the referrers, but I decided to award the referrals also.

The monetary awards will be paid on or before 03/15/2011.

Be looking for a mini-contest to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Congratulations and a HUGE Thank You for helping us achieve this goal.

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