April Promo Code

It’s time for the April Promo Code for this year. My, how time flies!
Since it’s spring here in Texas, the code is “Spring2014″. Don’t add the
quotation marks, just the code itself.

Enjoy the free advertising that the April Promo Code gives you! And be
sure to “like” Ultimate Profit List on Facebook, too! Afterwards, contact
me for the Facebook Promo Code for even more free advertising.

February Promo Code

I know, I know…. February is over half-way done. But even so, here is
your February Promo Code.


You get 2014 credits, 5 solos, 5 banner ads with 500 views and 5 text
link ads with 500 views.

Get them now!

Thanks for being a part of Ultimate Profit List and using our
February Promo Code.

BTW… Want more Promo Codes? Join us at TrafficCodex.
Darren Olander and Jared Silver just launched TrafficCodex. As everything
they do, this is a winner! Simply CLICK HERE to join!

It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year again…

First, let me thank you for being such valued UPL members!
Without you, we would not exist.

Second, it’s time for us to restart giving you Promo Codes for free advertising.

SO…. on that note, here’s the January 2014 Promo Code… “3rdAnniversary”.
Simply go to the Advertising Page via the Navigation Menu on the left side
of your UPL backoffice. When the Advertising Page opens, just enter that
Promo Code without the “s.

You’ll get 500 free credits, 1 solo, 5 banners with 500 views and 5 text
link ads with 500 views.

There are only 500 of this Promo Code available so don’t delay!
Use it today!

See you next month!

Here’s your January Promo Code!

Where has this year gone??  It’s already the 11th, and I totally forgot to update the January Promo Code.  Sorry ’bout that.

Anyway, the January Promo Code is HappyNewYear2013

There’s also another Promo Code to celebrate our second birthday here at UPL.

I’ve sent that Promo Code to you in an admin email, so be sure to look for it.

Also, there’s a special offer that still available.  You can access it if you’re a free member by going to http://ultimateprofitlist.com/specialoffer.php?id=YOURUSERID  YOURUSERID is Your User ID.  So make sure you change that to your actual user id.

Enjoy the January Promo Code and I’ll see you in February!

December Promo Code

It’s time for the December Promo Code.

Be sure that you are taking advantage of these promo codes to
get free advertising.

They are obviously time sensitive.  So, you can use this
December Promo Code until midnight December 31.

Remember to like us on Facebook.  There’s even a Promo Code
for that!

Here is the December Promo Code:  SeasonsGreetings